Q. What kind of projects have you managed so far?

A. Drilling rig construction, floating oil and gas production facilities (FPSO’s and FPU’s), LNG plant packages, modularised process plants, container port crane construction, engineering of various plants and facilities.


Q. What’s the largest project you’ve been solely responsible for managing so far?

A. USD 800 million.


Q. What’s the smallest so far?

A. Around NZD 1 million.


Q. Where are you located and where will you work?

A. Now based in New Zealand and have an office in Singapore. Will consider all local and international contracts.


Q. Extensive international experience? How extensive?

A. Over 25 years managing work in USA, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.


Q. Why New Zealand?

A. Being a great country with innovative and hard working people, and a culture of high integrity, New Zealand is a great place to get work done. Having travelled the world and worked in many wonderful countries, NZ appeals to us. Also, in this day and age to be based in NZ is as convenient as anywhere for providing services to our clients.